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Backdrops and Arches:
*Do not tack, staple, or tape anything to our backdrops or arches
*Keep in mind that replacement of these items may cost up to $750.00
*You may use floral wire as long as it is removed upon return

*A $50.00 cleaning deposit is required at the time of rental
*No charcoal or wood chips are to be used with the propane barbecues
*Propane is included with each barbecue, the same propane bottle with dealer's sticker must be returned
*The towable barbecues are operational with a grill or a rotisserie depending on the renters' choice.  Rotisseries do require electricity and have a maximum weight limit of 180 pounds

Candelabra's and Candle Holders:
*Must be returned wax free to avoid additional charges

Canopies/Tents and Sidewalls:

Choosing a canopy site
*When choosing a site for a tented event one should select a location that is flat with access for guests
*All underground power, water, phone, gas lines etc. will need to be marked.  Northwestern Energy provides a free service and should be contracted 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event
*Remember that most of Party Plus's canopies require stakes for set up, so make sure your canopy is suitable for your location

Weather Related Risks

*Canopies are temporary structures and can possible collapse during a severe rain, snow or wind storm
*Evacuation of canopies in high winds, heavy snow or lighting is highly recommended

*All decorations must be removed from the canopy prior to returning
*Canopy must be returned DRY and ROLLED before returning it to its proper bag to avoid an additional fee
*All stakes, buckets and sandbags with their pins must be returned or a replacement charge will be applied

Dance Floor:
*The renter is responsible for the set-up and take-down of dance floor
*Dance floor is transported on a cart, which is loaded with a forklift into renter's vehicle.  It can be hand loaded but help will be needed
*Best way for transportation of dance floor is on a trailer or truck with no topper

Choosing the size of Dance Floor

*when determining the size of floor needed, we recommend 9 square feet per couple when dancing
*Generally plan on 50% or less of your guests dancing at once
*We will be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate size of dance floor for your event

Dance Floor Location
*Party Plus Rentals and Sales offers dance floors for indoor or outdoor venues
*When choosing a site for an outdoor floor, please keep in mind a flat area is needed for proper installation, like grass, concrete or asphalt.  Dance floor CAN NOT be placed on dirt, gravel or sand

Deposit and Cleaning Fees
*A 25% cleaning deposit is required on all dance floor rentals at the time of pick up
*All screws need to be flush with dance floor before putting dance floor back into crate to avoid scratching the surface
*To avoid a cleaning charge with returning the dance floor please make sure all dirt and spills are cleaned up

Dishes and Centerpieces:
*All dishes and serving items are sterilized and wrapped before rental
*All dishes must be returned cleaned.  This means free of an food and/or liquids
*Items returned dirty are subject to a minimum $30.00 cleaning fee or 50% of the rental total, whichever is greater
*All items must be re-packed in the same containers as received
*There will be a charge for all boxes and racks not returned
*Dishes, glassware and centerpieces will be considered broken if chipped or cracked

*No tacks, staples, nails etc. can be used on the tables
*All tape must be removed before returning to avoid an additional fee
*To avoid a cleaning fee tables must be brought back dust and/or dirt free
*All tables must be protected from the elements when in use and transportation